Child Care and Early Learning

Canadians shouldn’t have to choose between families and careers.

Child care isn’t just about children, and it’s not even just about families. Child care is about creating a fair and just society, about equal opportunity for all.

The opportunity to advance in the workforce and in education should be an option available to all, not just those who can afford it. A program of universal, quality, and affordable child care is crucial to ensuring that we have a level economic playing field.

Universal child care makes proven, economic sense. When European countries invested to ensure childcare for most of their citizens, they found that each dollar spent returned two more to the economy.

An NDP promise

A NDP government will work with the provinces and territories to establish and fund a Canada-wide child care and early learning program. We will work hard to create integrated, community-based, child-centred early learning and education centres that provide parents with a “one-stop shop” for family services. 

It is time to join the ranks of other developed nations, to give equal opportunity for all, and to stand up for Canadian families.