OTTAWA – Today New Democrats slammed the Conservatives for publicly denying the existence of an iPod Tax imposed on imported electronic goods, while privately scheming to impose these taxes retroactively.

“It’s now clear that despite repeated denials, the Conservatives have been meticulously planning to impose a tax on iPods and other electronic goods and apply it retroactively,” said Opposition Critic on National Revenue Murray Rankin (Victoria). “What’s worse is the uncertainty that this brings to the business community, which needs well-defined and fair rules to do business efficiently. Can businesses really trust a government that urges them to import goods duty-free and then turns around a few years later asking for a cheque?”

According to the 9948 Fair Treatment Coalition, an organization comprised of many leading Canadian companies, e-mails obtained under the Access to Information Act outline a Conservative government plan to issue duty-free authorisation then use a little-known clause to reassess imports and apply the iPod tax retroactively.

An NDP Opposition Day Motion in April condemned tax hikes on consumer goods. New Democrats also tabled a motion requesting that the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology study the increased taxation of consumer goods.

“The Conservatives’ lack of accountability is shameful,” said Rankin. “It’s time for them to come clean with Canadians and stop denying the iPod Tax exists.”