Conservative prescription drug failures put Canadians’ health at risk

OTTAWA – With recent news about the shortage of another essential drug, it is clear that the Conservatives’ failure to manage the Canadian prescription drug supply is putting Canadians’ health at risk. 


“It is unacceptable that Conservative inaction is forcing Canadians – who need prescription drugs to maintain their health – to risk going without their medications,” said NDP Health critic Murray Rankin (Victoria). “The worst part is that this could have been avoided had the Conservatives implemented the NDP plan for mandatory drug shortage disclosure years ago.”


Doctors and pharmacists are reporting a shortage of ethambutol, which is used to treat chronic lung infections and tuberculosis. According to the World Health Organization, drugs like this are essential medicines that must be available in adequate quantities at all times. In February, the Conservatives finally adopted the NDP proposal for mandatory reporting of drug shortages, but failed to include concrete measures to support this in their recent budget.


“This could have been avoided if the Conservatives hadn`t rejected my plan for mandatory drug shortage disclosure years ago,” said NDP MP Djaouida Sellah (Saint-Bruno – Saint-Hubert). “Stephen Harper’s plan isn’t working and Canadians deserve better.”