Conservatives finally agree to remove some of the worst aspects of their so-called Fair Elections Act

Friday, Conservatives finally agreed to remove some of the worst aspects of their so-called Fair Elections Act.

It took months of public pressure and grassroots action, but together, we have stopped the worst of the Conservatives’ attacks on your right to vote.

New Democrats filibustered the bill at committee, hosted public consultations across the country and grilled the government with no fewer than 256 questions in Parliament.

Stephen Harper is now promising to delete the following from Bill C-23:

• His plan to ban vouching as a way of proving your identity—which could have denied tens of thousands their right to vote.
• His plan to muzzle Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer by banning that office from promoting the importance of voting.
• His plan to allow virtually unlimited fundraising spending by exempting the cost of contacting past donors.

We are studying these amendments at committee right now, we hope they will actually do what they promise.

These plans were designed to give the Conservatives an advantage in the next election. Stopping them is a big win for Canadians. But our work is not yet done.

We are still fighting to get Elections Canada the tools it needs to stop electoral fraud—including the power to compel documents and witnesses. And we’re still fighting to keep big money out of politics by maintaining donation limits, not raising them.

It is great to see what we can accomplish together!

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