Electoral Reform

Our electoral system doesn’t work.  Let’s Make Every Vote Count.

In the last election, Harper’s Conservatives won a majority of the seats in the House of Commons, and yet they only received 39% of the vote.  

The reason for this is that our system is “first past the post” and “winner takes all.” You don’t need a majority of votes to win a seat, you just need more votes than your opponents.

This system forces many Canadians to vote strategically -- to vote “against,” instead of “for” candidates.  Other Canadians don’t bother to vote at all: the last election saw another dismal voter turnout of only 61%.

An NDP Promise

Let’s bring Canadians back into the political process and make sure that every vote counts.

The NDP has long advocated for electoral reform.  An NDP government will propose a new and more democratic mixed-member proportional voting system. This system preserves the connection between constituents and their MPs and it also ensures parties are represented in Parliament in fairer proportion to how Canadians voted.  

As your MP, Murray will advocate for a more fair and representative voting system, one that reflects our true values and diversity.