Expungement of cannabis convictions

In October 2018, MP Murray Rankin tabled bill C-415 to expunge the records of certain cannabis-related convictions. 

Over 500,000 Canadians have a criminal record for cannabis possession. That's 500,000 Canadians who may be barred from finding employment, from volunteering in their communities, from finding a place to rent.

Under the current broken pardon system, Canadians have to wait several years and pay over $600 just to apply. Under Rankin's bill, they won't have to wait and it will be completely free.

Statistics show that among the 500,000 Canadians with criminal records for possession of small quantities of marijuana, a widely disproportionate number of them are members of Canada's Indigenous and racialized communities.
Wealthier Canadians have been able to hire innovative lawyers to avoid a criminal record, leaving marginalized individuals to suffer.

Bill C-415 is about giving Canadians a fair chance and righting past wrongs so that thousands of Canadians can get on with their lives.