Federal help is needed to solve housing and homelessness crisis in Greater Victoria

Yesterday, the Province of British Columbia announced it would be investing $30 million towards the Regional Housing Strategy, matching the $30 million commitment from the Capital Regional District.

You can learn more here: https://www.crd.bc.ca/about/news/2016/05/16/crd-b.c.-government-build-alliance-in-housing-first-initiative

Today, I am again pressing the federal housing and infrastructure ministers to ensure the federal government is on board as a funding partner. We need all three levels of government working together to solve this crisis so we can build long-term, permanent housing for our most vulnerable citizens.

Years of federal inaction on housing have brought us to the crisis we are at today, and with a new government that says it is committed to a National Housing Strategy, the time is now for them to take action.

Attached are my recent letters to federal ministers