Federal New Democrats launch National Day of Action on climate change

CFAX 1070

from James Gardner

NDP MP's are holding a "National Day Of Action"in honour of the memory of Jack Layton.

Friday would have been the late NDP leader's birthday

A nationwide petition drive is being held in support of the Climate Change Accountability Act, a piece of environmental legislation first introduced by Jack Layton in 2006 and passed twice by the House.

Leading the charge is Victoria NDP MP Murray Rankin.

"We are going to meet tonight at 6 o'clock at the five corners, which you know is the Simcoe, Menzies, James Bay Square area.  A lot of people are coming out.  We're going to take our petitions, we're going to knock on a lot of doors, we are going to take those petitions put them in parliament.  We're going to compound that across the country with other MP's going forward, and we hope we can make some noise on this, because Canadians are really upset about climate change, they see it all around them and its time to take action."

Rankin spoke on CFAX 1070 with Al Ferraby.

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