Five hours every five years isn't good enough

Murray Rankin calls for health committee to extend its pesticides review to ensure protection of health, safety and the environment

Today I will be asking the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health to extend its statutory review of the Pest Control Products Act by two days so we can hear from additional witnesses. This important legislation is reviewed every five years to make sure that pesticides are not posing a threat to health, safety and our environment. By imposing a time limit of five hours the Conservatives are preventing us from accomplishing this important work.


Witnesses to the committee so far have raised serious questions about the harmful effects of ingredients in some pesticides currently in use, and concerns about the lack of transparency and public engagement in decision-making at the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.


The committee must take more time to do its due diligence and hear from provincial officials, the medical community and environmental organizations with expertise on pesticide use.


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Notice of Motion

Murray Rankin

February 5, 2015

That the Standing Committee on Health extend its statutory review of the Pest Control Products Act by two days in order to hear from additional witnesses.


Avis de motion

Murray Rankin

5 février 2015

Que le comité permanent de la santé prolonge son examen de la Loi sur les produits antiparasitaires afin d'entendre des témoins additionnels.