MP Murray Rankin: PM’s announcement did not address marine safety, oil spill prevention

Prime Minister Trudeau was expected to make an announcement in Victoria today regarding marine safety and oil spill prevention, but failed to address either concern. Instead, he used the opportunity to repeat that the Kinder Morgan pipeline would be built, despite protest from millions of Canadians.  

“The Prime Minister said nothing to assure Canadians that Kinder Morgan would not have disastrous consequences to the environment. He continues to use trivial rhetoric about Kinder Morgan aligning with the national interest and it’s simply untrue,” said Murray.

It’s been two and a half years since Trudeau announced in Esquimalt during the 2015 election campaign that the approval process for the Kinder Morgan pipeline would be redone. Instead, the announcement turned into another broken promise.

Today, Trudeau claimed that his Liberal government was elected because Canadians were fed up after a decade of environmental neglect. However, the Liberals continue to retain the Harper government’s emissions targets, refuse to adequately consider the project's upstream and downstream impacts, and dismiss the environmental and economic disaster that the coast would suffer in the wake of a major spill from a bitumen tanker.

“This isn’t a concern that belongs to one group of people or one political party – it belongs to Canadians. I represent a community that is deeply concerned about the impacts of a bitumen spill on our fragile coastline. I was elected on a promise to fight to protect our beloved ocean and environment, and I take my responsibility seriously,” said Murray.

The results of a recent community survey conducted by the office of MP Murray Rankin show that close to 60 per cent of constituents living in the riding of Victoria consider environmental protection and climate change to be a top priority.

“If climate change is the top environmental challenge of this generation, how can the Prime Minister expect us to believe that the export of bitumen to overseas markets with their lax environmental regulations is a positive contribution by Canada to the war on carbon pollution and global climate change?” asked Murray.

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