Mulcair kicks off the NDP’s Roll up the Red Carpet tour

NDP leader Tom Mulcair launched a cross country tour today with the message that an unelected Senate filled with insiders and party hacks has no place in a modern democracy – and it’s time to roll up the red carpet on the Upper Chamber.

“The Senate expense scandal – and the involvement of the Prime Minister’s Office in trying to cover it up – has served to erode even further Canadians’ trust in the Senate,” said Mulcair. “The old line parties support the Senate because the Senate supports them. But more and more, Canadians can see there is a solution: abolition.”

The NDP put forward a motion in the House of Commons calling for abolition of the Senate, in consultation with the provinces. Both Conservatives and Liberals opposed.

“Conservatives have lost their way on the Senate. We have pressed them for answers on a series of Senate scandals but the Prime Minister refuses to level with Canadians,” said Mr. Mulcair. “Instead, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are shutting down the House of Commons, afraid to be accountable for their actions.Canadians deserve better.”


Join Tom Mulcair here in Victoria!  He will be stopping at the Inner Harbour for an announcement at 12:15pm on Friday. Hope to see you there!

Join the facebook event here:!/events/405804646197