Murray Rankin calls for immediate suspension of targeted audits of charities

In Question Period today, I repeated my call for the Conservatives to immediately suspend the political activities audits and take swift action to clear the air on their controversial program.

Last week, more than 400 academics joined the for an immediate moratorium on the controversial Canada Revenue Agency political activities audits.

In an open letter addressed to the Minister of National Revenue, Canadian professors raised concerns surrounding the revelation that the CRA “has undertaken an audit of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) on the grounds that it allegedly engages in politically partisan, biased and one-sided research activity.”

Environmental groups, anti-poverty organizations and international human rights defenders have all been targeted for political audits by the Conservatives.

The Minister has expressed a great deal of outrage at these widespread allegations, but she doesn’t seem to understand that it’s Canadians who have a right to be outraged, not her. She has a responsibility to be transparent and accountable.

I will continue to fight for accountability and transparency in the tax system. The current situation is untenable — tarnishing the reputations both of the CRA and the charities under the Conservatives’ shadow. It’s time to clear the air.