Speech to NDP motion urging Conservatives to recognize harmful effects of climate change and take action

My speech in support of an important NDP motion brought forward my colleague, NDP Environment Critic Megan Leslie, asking that the House:

a) agree with many Canadians and the International Energy Agency that there is grave concern with the impacts of a 2 degree rise in global average temperatures;
b) condemn the lack of effective action by successive federal governments since 1998 to address emissions and meet our Kyoto commitments; and
c) call on the government to immediately table its federal climate change adaptation plan.

New Democrats have a plan to address climate Change:

We will put a price on carbon and establish hard emissions caps for large industrial emitters.
We will enact the Climate Change Accountability Act, which will put in legislation a framework for achieving the national target of 80% below 1990 emissions levels by 2050.
We will establish a permanent federal energy efficient retrofit program to reduce residential energy use, cut GHG emissions, create jobs and save Canadians money.
We will establish effective programs to help communities deal with the impacts of climate change in Canada.
We will fulfill our international climate obligations.
We will cut over $1.3 billion in annual subsidies to fossil fuel industries.
We will restart federal investment in renewable energy.
We will create a Green Jobs Fund to support just employment transition to the new economy,
And we will re-invest to give Canadian green tech researchers and developers a leading edge in the global market.