NDP Campaign to Reduce Food Waste

I am proud to support the NDP motion and campaign to reduce food waste, launched by my colleague, MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau.

Each year, in Canada alone, an estimated 27 billion dollars’ worth of food goes to landfills and composting. More tha.n a third of the average Canadian’s groceries end up in the garbage every week while 800,000 people visit a food bank every month.

Go to http://ruthellenbrosseau.ndp.ca/food-waste for more information, and show your support by signing the petition here: http://petition.ndp.ca/its-time-we-do-our-part-to-reduce-food-waste

The motion reads as follows:

That, in the opinion of the House, the Government should: (a) declare October 20th of each year National Day Against Food Waste; (b) develop a comprehensive pan-Canadian plan to reduce food waste by (i) educating Canadians about food waste through a national campaign, (ii) facilitating the donation of safe, unsold food from the private sector to community organizations and food banks; (iii) putting in place various other measures to reduce the environmental impact resulting from the production of unused food.

Food Banks Canada has also supported the motion with the hopes of raising awareness of the issue of hunger and increasing the availability of safe quality surplus food so individuals and families don’t have to go hungry.

Together, we can reduce food waste and help those in need!