The NDP has launched a national petition campaign in opposition to the Conservatives’ election reform legislation, Bill C-23.

The new Conservative election Bill imports U.S. style voter suppression tactics by making it tougher for Canadians to vote – but easier for well-connected insiders to play money politics.

Vouching and voter ID cards will no longer be accepted, preventing thousands of students, seniors and First Nations people from voting.

Bill C-23 also muzzles both the Chief Electoral Officer and the Commissioner for Elections Canada, prohibiting them from making public the fact that they are investigating complaints of electoral fraud.

Moreover, the Bill will prevent Elections Canada, our electoral body, from speaking publically about democracy, the importance of voting, conducting research or engaging with Canadians in projects such as Democracy Week or Student Vote.

Add your name to the growing number of Canadians speaking out against this undemocratic Bill and standing up for Canadian democracy.

Please sign and share widely: http://petition.ndp.ca/stand-up-for-canadian-democracy