NANAIMO — Sheila Malcolmson, the NDP Member of Parliament for Nanaimo-Ladysmith, today tabled a Private Member’s Bill that will reduce the environmental, economic and navigational hazards to Canadian waterways and coastlines posed by abandoned vessels.

“For too long, responsibility for abandoned vessels and the risks they represent has been shuffled from one government department to the next, with no senior government taking responsibility,” Malcolmson said. “This bill continues the work done by former MP Jean Crowder so we can finally get to work dealing with these vessels and protecting our harbours and waterways from contamination and debris.”

The bill, seconded by Anne Minh-Thu Quach, the NDP MP for Salaberry-Suroît, will designate the Coast Guard as the receiver of wreck for the purposes of the Canada Shipping Act, allowing them to take action without being directed to by a Ministry. It will also compel the government to create regulations for the removal, disposition or destruction of abandoned vessels or wrecks.

“Our waterways, coasts and harbours are economic drivers and part of the fabric of our country and yet it can currently take years to remove or destroy an abandoned vessel,” Malcolmson said. “It is time for the Government to listen to people throughout Canada and take immediate action to protect waterways from environmental and safety concerns, and to tackle related issues such as Canada’s aging fleet and the lack of recycling facilities for fiberglass.”


  • Click here to read the Private Member’s Bill: http://bit.ly/1X5P7ZT
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