New Democrats call Quebec Charter of Values "state-mandated discrimination"

Yesterday, Quebec’s Charter of Values was announced by the PQ government. It confirmed our worst fears.
This backwards law would deny our fellow Canadians and other residents of this country their basic human rights. It is completely unac...ceptable, and New Democrats will fight it all the way.

----SASKATOON (The Canadian Press) — At the NDP’s caucus retreat in Saskatoon, Leader of the Opposition Tom Mulcair said that the proposed text confirms the party’s worst fears.

Mulcair said he rejects the Quebec government’s approach categorically, saying "human rights don’t have a best-before date and they’re not a popularity contest".
He said it’s unacceptable to think that a woman worker wearing a head scarf in a day-care centre will lose her job.   (Watch the video at ----
He called the proposal "state-mandated discrimination". We are steadfast and totally united: we will fight this all the way