Question in the House - CRA cuts to compliance and enforcement

Murray Rankin Victoria, BC

Mr. Speaker, the facts just do not support the minister's claims. The fact is that Conservatives are taking $68 million from the returns compliance section of the CRA, which is responsible for enforcing “compliance with Canada's tax laws”. They are also cutting $120 million and over 250 full-time staff from the reporting compliance section, whose job is detecting non-compliance “through risk assessment, audit, investigation”.

Will the minister now stand up and acknowledge she is cutting the very CRA sections responsible for going after tax cheats?

Gail Shea Minister of National Revenue and Minister for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Mr. Speaker, as I have previously informed the member in the House, efficiencies identified in the budget apply only to internal operations. They will not in any way affect CRA's audit or enforcement capabilities.

As a matter of fact, since 2006, we have increased resources on the international tax evasion file by 40% and we have identified more than $4.5 billion in unpaid taxes. This compares to just $174 million in the last year of the Liberal government.