Question in the House - Cuts to the Canada Revenue Agency

Murray Rankin Victoria, BC

Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives do not seem to understand that part of the job of government is to actually serve Canadians.Tax time is just around the corner.
So far, the Conservatives have already stopped letting Canadians file by phone, and with very little warning, they have stopped mailing tax forms out. Now the estimates show another $100 million in cuts coming to the CRA.While the Prime Minister's appointed senators fudge their paperwork, honest, hard-working Canadians are trying to play by the rules.
Why are the Conservatives making it so hard for Canadians to even file their taxes?

Cathy McLeod Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue

Mr. Speaker, the way Canadians file their taxes is changing, and we are changing to meet those needs. We certainly encourage Canadians to file online, and more and more are taking advantage of that opportunity in a safe and secure way, but they can still use paper. They simply need to go to the post office or pick up the phone. We are accepting paper filing. It is important to acknowledge that last year, 1.3 million packages were mailed out that were not used.