Record numbers relying on food banks under Conservatives

Food Banks Canada backs NDP childcare plan

“Canadian food banks are wading into the hot political debate over how best the federal government can help families with kids: give them tax breaks, as the Conservatives are doing, or invest in regulated child care, as the NDP proposes. In its annual HungerCount report, Food Banks Canada comes down squarely on the side of the NDP.” – Canadian Press

Under the Conservatives record numbers of Canadians are turning to food banks, according to Food Banks Canada’s comprehensive report.

In an average month this year, 97,369 British Columbians used a food bank. That’s up 25 percent since 2008. Not only that, the number of families using food banks for the very first time continues to rise under the Conservative government, year after year. And, most worrying of all, 1 in 3 food bank users are children. That’s 30,000 children per month in our province alone. 

To address this, Food Banks Canada recommends increasing federal investment in affordable childcare to support children’s development and enable parents to enter and remain in the work force. As Tom Mulcair announced last month, a New Democratic government would increase federal investment in early childhood learning and care by $5 billion, creating a million affordable childcare spaces across Canada. 

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