Representing Victoria in Parliament

This is the most up-to-date information on Murray's legislative work in Parliament, including the goal of each bill or motion he has introduced or joint-seconded, as well as links to further information.

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Bills and Motions Introduced or Joint-Seconded by MP Murray Rankin:


Protecting the Environment


A climate change action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Bill C-619 –– June 16, 2014  


An Environmental Bill of Rights

Bill C-634 –– October 29, 2014


Banning oil tankers in Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound

Bill C-211 –– May 6, 2013


An action plan for the recovery of Southern Resident Orcas

Motion M-460 –– October 24, 2013  


Protecting the Sooke River

Bill C-667 –– April 23, 2015 


Protecting the Colquitz River

Bill C-668 –– April 23, 2015  


Protecting the Goldstream River

Bill C-509 –– May 8, 2013


Strengthening rules for sustainable resource development

Bill C-481 –– October 16, 2013 


A climate change action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions  

Bill C-224 –– May 6, 2013 


Requiring finfish aquaculture to use closed containment facilities

Bill C-225 –– May 6, 2013  


Allowing local governments to request navigation and vessel restrictions to protect public safety and the environment

Motion M-441 –– April 22, 2013


National Sustainable Seafood Day

Motion M-435 –– October 16, 2013


Improving coordination of ocean science research across Canada

Motion M-506 –– April 29, 2014


Reducing the use of neonicotinoid pesticides

Motion M-613 –– April 26, 2015



Building a Balanced, Prosperous Economy

Cracking down on offshore tax avoidance

Bill C-621 –– June 16, 2014


A National Urban Workers Strategy

Bill C-542 –– October 21, 2013  


Expanding Canada Pension Plan benefits

Motion M-471 –– October 30, 2013


A National Housing Strategy to ensure secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing

Bill C-400 –– February 27, 2013   


Protecting unpaid interns from sexual harassment and unfair working conditions

Bill C-620 –– June 16, 2014


A national strategy to eliminate poverty

Bill C-233 –– May 6, 2013  


Condemning tax hikes on everyday goods and services introduced in Budget 2013

Opposition Motion –– April 15, 2013  



Health, Safety and Quality of Life 

Offering tax credits for the in-home care of a disabled relative

Bill C-203 –– May 6, 2013


A federal framework for addressing Lyme Disease

Bill C-442 –– October 16, 2013  


Cycling Infrastructure Strategy

Motion M-527 –– January 27, 2015  


Reducing food waste and facilitating the donation of safe, unsold food to community organizations and food banks

Motion M-499 –– March 26, 2014  


Improving vehicle safety by requiring side guards on heavy trucks

Bill C-603 –– May 28, 2014


Protect persons with disabilities from hate propaganda by amending the Criminal Code

Bill C-541 –– October 21, 2013  


National Day of the Midwife

Bill C-548 –– November 6, 2013  




Privacy, Information and Transparency

Implementing ‘open government’ reforms recommended by the Information Commissioner of Canada

Bill C-301 –– May 6, 2013  


Improving response times for Access to Information Act requests

Bill C-253 –– May 6, 2013 


‘Right to Know’ motion on GMO labelling

Motion M-480 –– December 3, 2013  


Strengthening the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act 

Bill C-505 –– May 6, 2013  




Canada on the world stage

Establishing the Department of Peace

Bill C-273 –– November 28, 2013  


Ending the trade in conflict minerals

Bill C-486 –– October 16, 2013 



Promoting cultural diversity


Punjabi Heritage Month

Bill C-514 –– May 29, 2013  




Protecting animals 


Protecting animals from intentional cruelty by amending the Criminal Code

Bill C-232 –– May 6, 2013  




Improving education


Strengthening accountability for post-secondary education funding

Bill C-265 –– May 6, 2013  


Establishing a national literacy policy

Bill C-327 –– May 6, 2013