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Murray Rankin portrait

A nationally recognized expert in environmental and public law and a former UVic law professor, Murray Rankin was first elected in 2012 and now serves as parliamentary House Leader for the New Democratic Party.

Prior to being appointed House Leader, Rankin served as the progressive opposition critic for Pensions, National Revenue, Health and, most recently, Justice and Attorney General.

In these roles, Murray Rankin was instrumental in campaigns to expand public pensions, collect lost revenue from offshore tax havens, increase health care funding, and compensate victims of thalidomide poisoning.

Murray Rankin served on the special joint committee to advise the government on the legalization of medically-assisted dying, and has worked extensively on a major bill to create parliamentary oversight of security agencies like CSIS. Drawing on his experience as a former legal counsel to the Security Intelligence Review Committee, Rankin drafted changes to the bill that created a new legal duty for the oversight committee to alert the Attorney General to any suspected illegal activity by security agencies, and gave Canadians access to more transparent and informative unclassified reports.

As Victoria's Member of Parliament, Mr. Rankin has introduced legislation to tackle offshore tax havens and sponsored motions to strengthen public pensions, regulate harmful pesticides, and support ocean science research at Canadian universities.

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