Retirement Security

It is time for Canada to stand up for its senior citizens.

More than 300,000 Canadians over the age of 65 are currently living in poverty and even more are struggling to make ends meet. Eight million Canadians have no employer pension plan and countless seniors are unable to save enough for their retirement.  

These aren’t statistics, these are real people.

Old Age Security is a bedrock of stability for many senior citizens. Harper’s decision to hike eligibility to 67 from 65 is not only will cost our vulnerable seniors the most, it is also unnecessarily. Experts like the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the Chief Actuary have confirmed OAS is both sustainable and affordable.  

An NDP Promise

The NDP is committed to restoring the age of eligibility for Old Age Security benefits to 65. To protect retirement security, an NDP government will also take progressive steps towards doubling Canada Pension Plan benefits and will make sure that pensions receive priority in cases of employer bankruptcy.