Vancouver Island hasn’t had a senator for over twenty years

VICTORIA – The people of Vancouver Island haven’t had a senator to represent them in over twenty years, further proof the Senate has failed to represent regional interests of Canadians, as some Senate apologists claim.

“Through two decades and four Prime Ministers, the people of Vancouver Island have gone without any representation in the Senate,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. “While Liberals and Conservatives argue the Senate has regional value, none of these Conservative or Liberal Prime Ministers have bothered to appoint anyone to represent Vancouver Island.”

Despite having no Senators, the people of Vancouver Island are ably represented by their elected Members of Parliament, who are responsible for making sure that constituents’ voices are heard in Ottawa.

The last time a Senator was appointed from Vancouver Island was in 1989, when Trudeau appointee Nancy Bell served as a representative from Nanaimo - Malaspina.

Tom Mulcair is travelling across the country this week on his Roll Up The Red Carpet tour – shining a light on the unaccountable, unelected and under-investigation Senate. In contrast, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are running away from accountability and refusing to answer for their role in the senate expense scandal. Canadians deserve better.