Official Opposition Environment Critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) made the following statement on Earth Day:

 “For more than forty years, Canadians have celebrated Earth Day as an opportunity to raise awareness of the fragility of our planet, and as a call to action for a greener future.

 This year, the release of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a particularly sobering reminder that despite some progress, the world has fallen short on the urgent action necessary to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. This Earth Day will be an important moment to reflect on the need for political will to address one of our generation’s greatest challenges.

 Unfortunately, instead of meeting Canada’s climate change challenge head-on, the Conservatives continue to stall much-needed action to reduce Canada’s emissions, while weakening key environmental protections, cutting scientific research and silencing critics.

 New Democrats know that action is needed now. We are committed to a comprehensive plan to reduce emissions, transition to a green energy economy and ensure that our natural resources are developed sustainably.

 We can all do more to reduce our own impact on the environment, but our obligation doesn’t end there. To make a real difference locally, provincially, nationally, and globally, we all need to get involved and tell our leaders that climate action is a priority.

This Earth Day, get engaged, be heard – and join New Democrats in building a fairer and greener Canada.”