Statement in the House - Conservative Double Standards - EI and the Senate

Mr. Murray Rankin (Victoria, NDP): Mr. Speaker, across Canada, employment insurance recipients are wondering when they will get the next knock on their door from a Service Canada investigator. Last week, leaked documents revealed that EI investigators can go so far as to ask mothers on maternity leave for proof of their delivery date. Anything goes in the name of fraud prevention.

However, it is a very different story when it comes to Conservative senators. The Senate operates on an honour system. That is right, the people under investigation for residency claims, improper expenses, not to mention partisan work on the taxpayer dime are to be trusted on their word alone.

I know Conservatives love their Senate and love packing it with their cronies. It makes me wonder who will be next in line for the gravy train. After all, B.C. has a vacant seat. Maybe the Conservatives are holding it for Christy Clark. I hear she will be looking for work soon.