Stopping the Enbridge Pipeline

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are prepared to push the Enbridge pipeline through at any cost. They have gutted environmental regulation, fired scientist, and slandered anyone opposed to the project as a “radical.” 

Instead of name-calling, Mr. Harper needs to start listening; instead of bullying, he needs to start leading. Too much is at stake to turn this issue into a game of rhetoric-driven politics.

The pipeline would first cross 800 streams and rivers as well as other sensitive ecosystems and numerous First Nations territories, before navigating the notoriously difficult Douglas Channel.

An oil spill anywhere along this pipeline or our fragile coast is potentially catastrophic. It is a risk we cannot afford.  

An NDP Promise

New Democrats have pushed for policy that reflects the interests of all Canadians—not just those of the oil and gas industry. 

Murray has over 30 years of experience in environmental law, and has won many landmark battles in BC as well as at the Supreme Court of Canada. Murray is currently leading the BC NDP’s legal team to develop a strategy to stop this dangerous Enbridge pipeline one and to protect our fragile coasts.

With your support, Murray will take this fight to Ottawa and move us to towards a sustainable, clean-energy future.