The unelected & unaccountable Senate has no place in our democracy

First Conservatives and Liberals were involved with a Senate expense scandal – with a number of Senators found to have made claims for payments they were not entitled to. Then, even more troubling information emerged about the conduct of Stephen Harper’s own office and his former chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

Wright was forced to resign over the holiday weekend because of a secret $90,000 payment Nigel Wright made to Senator Duffy – allegedly part of a deal to cover up Mr. Duffy's role in the expense scandal.

While Mr. Wright has now resigned, he has yet to come clean on the details of the secret deal he negotiated, the prime minister has yet to come clean about when he learned of the secret deal and what actions he took. Senior Conservative Senators have yet to come clean on how the Senate committee report was changed to whitewash Mr. Duffy’s part in the scandal.

Canadians deserve the truth, something they haven't gotten yet from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives. 

The NDP has written to the RCMP commissioner to look into the $90k payment. New Democrats have also begun demanding an independent investigation into the conduct of the prime minister, his office and  Senators involved in this affair.

Canadians know they can count on the NDP to hold Conservatives to account for their ethical scandals and gross mismanagement.

Let's roll up the red carpet. Sign the NDP petition to abolish the Senate and help spread the word: