Update on the ongoing NDP fight against the Elections Act in Ottawa

House Leader Nathan Cullen has been leading debates on an NDP motion that there was a question of parliamentary privilege as to whether Conservative MP Brad Butt deliberately misled the House of Commons when he said twice that he had personally witnessed voter fraud, then later admitted he had not.

Meanwhile, NDP Deputy Leader David Christopherson has been heroically filibustering the study of the Bill C-23 at the Procedure and House Affairs committee so Canadians can have their say on Harper’s unfair elections act. http://www.cpac.ca/en/direct/cpac3/

Our democracy is at stake and now is the time to stand up, make some noise and join fight against this bill.   If you share our concerns, sign the petition, call Conservative MPs and Tweet your support for David Christopherson via #StandWithDavid.

We cannot let Conservatives get away with this. The stakes are too high.