Victoria MP Murray Rankin touts findings of study criticizing ocean-research leadership

Times Colonist

Victoria NDP MP Murray Rankin urged members of the House of Commons Wednesday to take seriously the findings of a report that criticizes the lack of a single national vision in Canada’s ocean research.

In a statement in the House of Commons, Rankin urged members to pay attention to the findings of the report by the Canadian Consortium of Ocean Research Universities (CCORU), released Wednesday.

“The CCORU universities do world-class research, including at the University of Victoria, but there is a pressing need for better integration of science in ocean management and use,” Rankin said, in an email.

“Industry, governments and universities must work together, to ensure a healthy ocean ecosystem for generations to come.”

The report found a lack of co-ordination among Canada’s ocean research organizations and a lack of a national vision for ocean science. It also found that although funding is increasing for ocean science in Canadian universities, direct funding for individual research projects has dropped off since 2008.

The report, Ocean Science in Canada: Meeting the Challenge, Seizing the Opportunity, stresses the “important” role oceans science plays in Canada’s economy and environment, Rankin said.

“While we face real challenges, I believe we can build a modern, balanced Canada and create good jobs, without sacrificing our environment,” said Rankin, in a news release. “The path to achieve that goal should be guided by the best science and research possible.”

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