Victoria MP to host meeting on overhaul of Canada Post


Jeff Bell, Times Colonist                                          

NDP MP Murray Rankin is criticizing a lack of consultation from Canada Post on a move to cancel home delivery and says he will host a public discussion on the matter.

A report from Canada Post, which outlines delivery changes during the next five years and an increase in stamp prices, said extensive consultation was done. Rankin isn’t buying it.

With that in mind, he is holding a meeting at the James Bay New Horizons centre on Jan. 13 at 2 p.m.

Those invited include Janet Barney, president of the Victoria local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, seniors’ groups and disability advocates, along with Canada Post.

Rankin said he deliberately chose a James Bay location because the area has a high percentage of seniors, and they stand to be more affected than many others by losing door-to-door delivery.

Rankin said he wants the session to deal with more than criticisms of the Canada Post plan, and is hoping people will think about “constructive solutions that work in our community.” One thought is that door-to-door delivery could be limited to a few days a week instead of being cancelled, he said.

Canada Post also has suspended the sale of “permanent” stamps as part of the change to higher prices.

Permanent or P stamps, first offered in 2006, are often used by small businesses and have no time limit on when they can be used. They do not require extra postage if prices rise.

But with domestic stamp prices set to jump on March 31, 2014, to 85 cents when bought in packs or $1 for a single stamp, there will be no stocking up on P stamps. The current price of a standard domestic stamp is 63 cents.

Canada Post said that high-volume users such as businesses can continue to take advantage of bulk purchasing.

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