Climate Change Day of Action

Let's finish what Jack started

Thursday July 17th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
5 Corners in James Bay
512 Simcoe Street

To honour Jack Layton’s birthday next week, I’m helping organize a National Day of Action to build support for the Climate Change Accountability Act, a major piece of environmental legislation championed by Jack and recently reintroduced in Parliament by New Democrats.

Our plan would make Canada an international leade...r again by taking real action on climate change and reducing our emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

Four years ago, after earning support from other parties and high marks from environmental groups, this Act was actually passed by the House of Commons, only to be defeated by unelected Conservative senators. Jack Layton called the Conservatives’ move “one of the most undemocratic acts that we have ever seen in the Parliament of Canada.”

We’re not giving up the fight Jack advanced so far.

An updated version of the Climate Change Accountability Act has been introduced by my colleagues Matthew Kellway and Tom Mulcair. This time, we’re going to send a strong signal to the Conservative government that Canadians are united in our demand for real action to stop climate change. To do that, we’re building grassroots support: neighbour to neighbour, riding by riding, right across Canada.

Help me honour Jack Layton’s birthday by joining me at the Five Corners intersection in James Bay at 6pm on Thursday, July 17th. We’ll spend two hours gathering signatures on our climate change petition, then I hope you’ll join me at the Bent Mast to raise a glass to Jack.

Quick sign-up:

See you then!

-- Murray