Let's put an end to the Trans Mountain pipeline

The government’s support for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is bad for workers, bad for the environment, and bad for Canada’s finances.

No country calling itself a climate leader can justify spending $4.5 billion to purchase a pipeline built almost 70 years ago. This government should be focused on protecting the environment and creating good-quality, long-lasting jobs that support a clean and sustainable future. Instead, the Liberals are throwing money at a project that would put our coastline at risk.

The Liberals know that the planned expansion passes through the traditional territories of several First Nations who stand in opposition to the project. Rather than reaching out in the spirit of reconciliation, the government has used the Harper-era process to push through approvals without proper consultation.

The NDP has stressed the importance of considering the interests of all Canadians on this issue. We have tabled motions calling on the government to remember its commitment to global climate change leadership, and its duties under the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Murray knows how much Victorians care about protecting our coast and will continue fighting against this risky project.