Making Every Vote Count

A Townhall on Fixing Canadian Democracy

Friday November 28th, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Doors 6:30pm Event starts at 7:00pm
Alex Goolden Performance Hall
907 Pandora Avenue

MAKING EVERY VOTE COUNT is a free public event on building true democracy in Canada, featuring special guest Craig Scott, an international human rights advocate and former adviser to Nelson Mandela's ANC during apartheid now serving as Democratic Reform Critic for Canada's Official Opposition.

After playing a leading role in opposing the 'Unfair Elections Act' this year, Craig Scott is continuing his national Electoral Reform tour with this event in Victoria.

After three years of Stephen Harper’s priorities, Canadians refuse to settle for an electoral system that allows a party to have a majority of the seats in the House of Commons despite receiving just 39% of the popular vote. From signing secret trade deals and slashing funding to the CBC, to blocking the NDP’s landmark Climate Change Accountability Act, the ways in which Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have used their majority have made Canadians even more aware of the costs of this unfair system.

For decades, the New Democratic Party has been committed to replacing our antiquated ‘First Past the Post’ system with a fairer, better one: a Proportional Representation model like that used by successful democracies such as Germany, Scotland, and New Zealand. Many provincial and federal bodies have studied this problem, but none have succeeded in delivering positive change. That’s why, in 2015, the NDP will seek a mandate to take real action immediately, not just open more all-party studies.

After packed events in major cities across Canada, Craig Scott is coming to Victoria to talk about making 2015 the last federal election held under the undemocratic, winner-take-all voting system, and implementing a better system that delivers accountable local MPs, prevents false majorities, and ensures that small parties get proper representation.