NDP: British Columbians caught in housing crisis can’t afford to wait

As Canada faces an unprecedented housing crisis throughout the country, exploding house prices, rising rents, rental housing shortages, long waitlists for non-market housing and increasing homelessness, the NDP is calling on the government for urgent action now. Canadians cannot afford to wait until after the next election for this crisis to be solved.

“The housing crisis in Canada requires urgent action now. The lack of adequate and affordable housing is a national disgrace,” said NDP MP Murray Rankin (Victoria). “It’s unacceptable, in a country as wealthy as ours, that so many people are desperate for affordable housing. Waiting until after the next election does nothing for Canadians facing evictions, homelessness and ballooning housing costs today.”

The NDP used their first opposition day of the fall sitting to highlight the fact that measures announced by the Liberal government don’t address the urgency of the situation. The motion calls for the government to immediately bring forward 50% of the funding attached to the government’s housing strategy. 

“Waiting until after the next election will be too late for many people who can't afford for things to get worse. The lack of affordable housing is directly tied to decades of successive funding cuts by Liberal and Conservative governments,” added Murray Rankin. “Funding to get Canadians in from the cold needs to roll out now. Instead, the Liberals have shamefully decided to hold Canadians hostage by promising action only if they are re-elected.”