NDP statement on Black History Month


NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh, made the following statement in recognition of Black History Month in Canada:


“Today I join with New Democrats across Canada to celebrate the start of Black History Month.
This is an important time to reflect on the valuable contributions of the Black Community in Canada and around the world.
But it’s also a powerful moment for us to go much further—to turn reflection into action.

During Black History Month we celebrate the contributions of the Black Community in Canada, but just as importantly we must take this month as an opportunity to commit to tackling the systemic nature of Anti Black Racism.
We must work to end discriminatory policing and remove barriers to power, education and resources faced by the Black community today.
Anti-black racism continues to thrive in Canada. It prevents black people across our country from being viewed and treated as if their lives have equal value.
When we talk about Canadian history without talking about the history of the Black community we reinforce this unfortunate reality.

Let’s take every day in the month of February to honour Black history and pledge to fight with the Black community against racism and discrimination every day of the year. This is how we build a just and inclusive Canada.”

– 30 –

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