Public Consultation on Bill C-51

Hosted by Randall Garrison and Murray Rankin

Friday February 27th, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
First Metropolitan United Church
932 Balmoral Road
British Columbia V8T1A8

What is in Stephen Harper's omnibus Bill C-51? Does it address the security threats we face? Could it undermine civil liberties and stifle lawful dissent and activism? And is there a better way forward to protect both security and freedoms?

Join an expert panel and public discussion hosted by Members of Parliament Randall Garrison and Murray Rankin. 

Featured panelists:

Reg Whitaker is a distinguished academic and expert in constitutional law and privacy issues. The co-author of 'Secret Service: Political Policing in Canada', he has written extensively on issues of intelligence and state surveillance and advised government inquiries on terrorism-related cases.

Laurel Collins teaches at the University of Victoria and studies social movements and collective action. She will speak to the ‘chilling effect’ this bill could have on lawful dissent and activism in Canada.

Randall Garrison is the Opposition critic for Public Safety and a key figure in the debate in Parliament on Bill C-51. A former criminal justice instructor, he is now Vice Chair of the House of Commons’ Committee on Public Safety and National Security.