Statement on Climate Change

*Murray Rankin, Statement in the House of Commons on the need to take action on climate change.

Canada could be leading the fight against climate change, but instead we have become an international embarrassment.  Beyond just muzzling our scientists, last week it was revealed that the government is muzzling weather forecasters at Environment Canada by not allowing them to even discuss climate change in public.

Conservatives have systematically undermined scientific freedoms, defunded basic research capacity, dismantled the National Research Council and gutted environmental assessment.

They think that if we don't talk about climate change, and if we don't measure the effects, that it will go away.  Canadians know better. They know climate change is happening and that Conservative climate change denial will not help Canada transition to renewable energies.

That is why New Democrats are working to legislate science-based emissions targets.

We have a plan to transition to a lower carbon economy that includes smart investment in Canada's clean energy sector and developing our natural resources more sustainably.

It's time to take action on climate change!