Victoria NDP MP Murray Rankin reacts to court decision on Trans Mountain expansion

Thursday, the NDP welcomed the unanimous Federal Court of Appeal decision that shows the Liberal government failed to adequately consult First Nations and Indigenous communities, and used a severely flawed environmental assessment process that failed to consider the impact of the project on coastal ecosystems when it approved the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. 

“It’s time for the Liberal government to stop fighting with First Nations communities in the courts. The government must stop dismissing the very real danger this project poses for our environment,“ said NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh. “Expansion cannot go ahead, and the government must live up to its promise to work with Indigenous communities. It’s time for the government to invest in clean energy jobs and build an economy for the future.”

From the beginning, it was clear that the Liberals completely failed to consider what this pipeline expansion project could mean for B.C.’s coastal communities, from marine life to tourism to jobs dependant on a healthy coast.

"It's a huge day for Victoria and for those  of us who have been fighting for a sustainable Picture for BC's coastal communities" Said Victoria MP Murray Rankin. "The unanimous Federal Court of Appeal decision yesterday has confirmed that both the Liberals and Conservatives have failed utterly to consider valid concerns posed by First Nations groups, environmentalists, and Coastal communities like  Victoria. They are now responsible for a decision that has been termed a legal "nullity" by the court."